Construction Update - Progress Continues in Many Areas

East Addition masonry has been completed.

  • Partition framing throughout the facility is almost complete.

  • Light fixture installation in the Ballroom and Performance Hall is approximately 40% complete.

  • Two of four masonry sculptures on the West Addition have been installed.

  • Door frame installation throughout the facility is approximately 97% complete.

  • Drywall installation and plaster repair is in progress.

  • Catwalks have been installed in the stage house.

  • Structural improvements are being made to the roof trussing for support of stage lighting and audio systems.

  • Elevator components are being installed.

  • Rooftop HVAC units have been installed.

  • Electrical, Data, Voice and CCTV wiring is being installed.

  • The Performance Hall floor is scheduled to be poured in the next two weeks.

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