Construction Update - Work Moves On, Despite Cold Temperatures

Light fixture installation in the Ballroom and Performance Hall is 55% complete.

  • Interior framing on the first floor of the West Addition is 98% complete.

  • West wall masonry of the West Addition is complete.

  • Installation of the (4) masonry sculptures on the West Addition is complete.

  • Roof installation on the auditorium is complete.

  • Drywall installation throughout the facility is 40% complete.

  • Structural improvements to the roof truss system in the auditorium is complete.

  • The loading dock CMU installation is approximately 65% complete.

  • Tile installation in the 1st floor restrooms has started.

  • Installation of (2) elevators is ongoing.

  • Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and sprinkler line installation will continue.

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