Construction Update - Major Progress Can be Seen as Spring Weather Arrives

Ballroom window installation is complete and 80% have been painted.

  • Installation of ticket booth windows is 85% complete.

  • Drywall installation is 90% complete in the theater and concession areas.

  • Installation of wall tiles in the first and second floor bathrooms is 99% complete.

  • Paint application on basement walls is 95% complete.

  • Balcony aisle handrails are 90% complete.

  • Framing of upper balcony box seats is 90% complete.

  • Paint application in ballroom is 80% complete.

  • Paint application in Bar area is 65% complete.

  • Steel Structure for blade sign has been painted.

  • Stage rigging line set installation is 45% complete.

  • Elevator installation is ongoing.

  • Marquee elements will be arriving throughout the next month.

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