It's No Joke! Steve Goff and the Fearless Fools, Back Together Again

It's no joke! At the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center in Clarksburg, WV, on April 1st, 2021 at 8 pm, Steve Goff will perform again with the talented Fearless Fools improv troupe, for the first time in six years.

Goff or "Papa Fool" as he is fondly known, founded the Fearless Fools in the spring of 2013. He will join forces with original Fools Jason A. Young, Craig Snider, and Steve McElroy to present the first live performance at the RGPAC in over a year. The theatre closed its doors to live public events on March 13, 2020, due to the pandemic shutdowns.

"Having Steve back for this show is going to make an already special night extra-special, and probably extra-funny too," says Jason A.Young, Founding Producer & Artistic Director of The Vintage Theatre Company. The April 1st date also marks the 8th birthday of the Fearless Fools. Since 2013, under the guidance and direction of the Vintage Theatre Company, LLC, the Fearless Fools have been bringing the funny to comedy clubs and venues throughout the state of WV.

How did this come to pass? Let's look at a timeline detailing Goff's dive into comedy: 1976: In Goff's senior year at WVU, he saw a Second City show at the Mountainlair Ballroom in Morgantown. He became hooked on improv. 1978: Goff does stand-up comedy for the first time (again at the Mountainlair, but this time in the more appropriate, Blue Tic Tavern). Goff ends each show by bringing up on stage his first improv group "The Annoying Facial Hair." Flash forward many years... May 2011: Goff teaches his first-ever improv class at the Progressive Women's Center in Clarksburg. Since that time, he has taught over 200 improv classes and workshops to over 1,000 individuals.

August 2011: He enrolls at the Second City Training Center in Chicago and takes 18 hours of improv training in a 6-day period. June 2012: Goff returns to Second City for a week of more improv training and classes on comedy sketch writing. 2012: In recognition of his inventive approach to teaching improv and creativity, Goff received an Individual Artist Professional Development Grant from the WV Commission on the Arts, with funding from the NEA and the WV Division of Culture and History. Next, Jason A. Young of the Vintage Theatre Co. asks Goff to teach improv workshops as part of Vintage's theatre academy curriculum.

March 2013: Goff holds auditions for the Fearless Fools. Steve fondly recalls, "I had the concept for this improv team in my head for some time, down to the name, "Fearless Fools." In the early 1990's I had a small consulting business, "Professional Fools." This group of "fools," based in the Washington, DC area, brought humor and improv games to our corporate customers' meetings, office parties, etc."

April 2013: Fearless Fools first show.

December 2014: Goff has his last show with the Fools.

2015-16: Goff remains involved with the Fools as an advisor. Jason A. Young and Steve Goff, together, come up with the idea of the WV Comedy Festival, which was held in the spring of 2015, and Goff remained involved through the second WVCF in 2016. Since that time Goff has been teaching improv workshops around the state of West Virginia.

2017-2018: Goff taught improv and creative writing at the WV Governor's School for the Arts at Marshall University.

Coming in 2021, Goff will be offering 3 specific improv workshops. Improv for Actors. Improv for Writers. And Improv for the Soul. Goff likes to say he's been spreading the "gospel of improv." Improv is affordable and portable. "The Fearless Fools played shows from concert halls, to pool halls. I've taught improv to Presbyterians and librarians, and I've taught at homeless shelters and under picnic shelters," says Steve Goff fondly.

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