Robinson Grand: Adapting, Planning, and Hopeful

Clarksburg, WV – Due to extended social-distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center will be rescheduling the following public events. All other events are moving forward as scheduled at this time. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops. This plan affects three upcoming public events that are listed below, along with the rescheduled dates. All existing tickets will be honored.

Original Dates

4/17/20 – Broadway Bound featuring the 3 Redneck Tenors

5/1/20 – Instant Family - Movie Screening

5/30/20 – Ronnie Milsap

Newly Rescheduled Dates

8/15/20 at 7:30pm – Ronnie Milsap

11/6/20 at 7:00pm – Instant Family for Adoption Awareness Month

11/13/20 at 8:00pm – Broadway Bound featuring the 3 Redneck Tenors

During a time of such uncertainty, it is our pleasure to be here for our patrons and community to answer questions, offer our continued and dedicated customer service, as well as provide uplifting messaging through social media and our digital marquee.

Operations Manager Bobby Rexroad is doing his part to make sure the theatre is sanitized and ready for when normal operations resume: "In the absence of events, we've had a great opportunity to make repairs and improvements after our busy first year. We have a chance now to really deep clean and tend to any minor repairs in the facility. Our main goal during this time is to smooth out any challenges we faced in our first year, and ensure we're ready to hit the ground running when this is all over."

Continued communication with artists, managers, agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders is paramount to resuming the powerful momentum the Robinson Grand has gained during its first year of business.

“The live event industry, similar to many others, has been forced to hit pause during this pandemic,” states Executive Director Ryan Tolley. “While the execution of events has been paused, there is still a frenzy of activity behind the scenes to accommodate rescheduled events and begin planning for the future. We want to ensure that we’re 100% ready when this clears to provide the best entertainment opportunities for the region!”

Though we must all adapt, our management team continues to plan ahead to summer, fall, and winter 2020 events. We are actively booking private rentals and scheduling exciting events, shows, and community theatre for the upcoming year. We must not lose hope; this will end eventually and when it does, we’ll be here ready to continue serving our community.

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