Construction Update - Progress Continues in Many Areas

East Addition masonry has been completed. Partition framing throughout the facility is almost complete. Light fixture installation in the Ballroom and Performance Hall is approximately 40% complete. Two of four masonry sculptures on the West Addition have been installed. Door frame installation throughout the facility is approximately 97% complete. Drywall installation and plaster repair is in progress. Catwalks have been installed in the stage house. Structural improvements are being made to the roof trussing for support of stage lighting and audio systems. Elevator components are being installed. Rooftop HVAC units have been installed. Electrical, Data, Voice and CCTV wiring is being insta

Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center Named Public Project of the Year

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s all starting to come together at the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center construction site. Work on all aspects of the 950-seat theater is on schedule and according to plan, said Executive Director Ryan Tolley. “Construction is moving right along,” he said. “Of course, our focus here lately has been getting everything buttoned up for the winter.” The project is currently on track to meet its projected soft opening date at the “beginning of June,” and its grand opening is scheduled for “mid-October,” Tolley said. As those dates get closer and closer, Tolley said he has been working to book the theater’s debut acts. “Right now, we’re in the offer phase,” he sai

Snapshots of History 17

This week's snapshot is estimated to come from 1969. It shows a group of the Bonnettes who performed under the direction of Bonnie McGowan. Bonnie ran a local dance studio in Clarksburg for many years and held their yearly recitals at the Robinson Grand. The Bonnettes were a large part of the recital and performed the opening & closing numbers. They consisted of local teenage girls who would perform elaborate tap routines and wear impressive costumes. Do you know anyone in the photo? Please tag or share this photo so we can determine who these performers might be!

Snapshots of History 16

This week's snapshot comes from January 22, 1958. Images include a promotional movie poster and box office statement from that very day. The movie shown was "The Sad Sack". This film, made by Paramount Pictures, is a comedy staring Jerry Lewis and Peter Lorre. The box office statement holds a detailed accounting of ticket prices and attendance for the day. Tickets ranged from 18 cents to 69 cents and included (4) showings. A total of (156) people attended for a total of $102.87 in daily receipts.

Snapshots of History 15

This week's snapshot comes from the late 1990s, during the theater's Rose Garden era. It shows some of the orchestra-level seating, along with the band pit, and Steinway Concert Grand piano on stage. This Steinway piano is owned by the Cultural Foundation of Harrison County and is housed at The Waldomore in Clarksburg. The Cultural Foundation of Harrison County has been a vital partner to the Robinson Grand for many years. Most recently, they have played a crucial role in our capital campaign as the steward of our privately raised funds. Historically, this large and heavy piano was transported from the Waldomore to the Robinson Grand as needed for performances. Although the Waldomore is just

Construction Update - Heavy Lifting up on the Roof

New HVAC units have been installed on multiple roof areas. A large crane was required to lift these heavy units. All partition framing is 95% complete. Roof installation/repair is 95% complete. All concrete floors have been poured throughout the new additions. The Auditorium floor concrete is scheduled to be poured within the next 4-6 weeks. Data/Telecom/CCTV/Security vendors will start in the next 1-2 weeks. Plaster repair in the auditorium is almost complete. Drywall installation is beginning in some areas of the original theater.

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As we begin the process to renovate and restore the Robinson Grand for a new generation of memories, we encouarge you to share your stories and photos with us to share on this website. CLICK HERE TO SHARE

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Renovation and restoration of the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center is a public-private partnership of the City of Clarksburg, the North Central West Virginia region and The Cultural Foundation of Harrison County.

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