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Historic elegance

meets modern amenities.

Photo Credit: Joe McNemar Photography

A change in scenery is a powerful thing. 

The Schopp Family Ballroom is a historic event space with over 1,600 sq. ft of charm and atmosphere to make any event memorable for years to come. Featuring the 1939 hardwood floors, wall-to-wall windows with marquee view, backlit art deco glass panels, and arched cloud ceiling space is not only beautiful but expertly updated for the technologically laden world. It hosts two high-definition projectors and screens, four marketing screens, and a sound system. A catering kitchen and family restroom are located in the space for ease of use and refreshments for guests.


Photo Credit: James Crim Photography


Complimentary marquee design and feature with every rental.

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Social Gatherings

parties, showers, weddings, reunions, ceremonies, dances

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Draper Bridal Shower2.jpg
Draper Bridal Shower1.jpg
Bridal Shower1.jpg
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Birthday Party1.jpg
Birthday Party2.jpg

Corporate Gatherings

training, mixers, educational events, meet and greets, ceremonies

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