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Before & After

Grand Opening Image.png

Grand Opening of the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center on October 20, 2018.

Photo Credit: James Crim Photography

Local Clarksburg architectural firm WYK Associates, Inc. led the restoration and additions effort to our historical theatre. The project has won numerous design and civic awards for excellence in architectural and preservation design.  WYK was involved with the project from 2014 - 2019.

The following photos are credited to WYK Associates, Inc. and James Crim Photography

Facade - Before - 5.JPG

BEFORE: Front facade of the theatre featuring the three-panel marquee.

Grand Opening Image1.jpg

AFTER: Front facade of the performing arts center after a fully redesigned three-panel marquee featuring three digital message boards, LED lighting, and a new sign blade. 

Lobby - Before - 5.JPG

BEFORE: Front lobby ramp featuring carpet, bronze mirrored walls, box office on the right and glass theatre entrance doors. 

Lobby - Final 4.jpg

AFTER: Front Lobby Stairs with newly added ADA compliant ramp located directly to the right upon entering the front doors. 

Bar - Before - 3.JPG

BEFORE: Second floor lounge featuring art deco wallpaper and mauve stylings. 

RG BAR 4.jpg

AFTER: Second floor lounge and Yuengling Bar complete with newly added women's and men's restrooms.

Ballroom - Before - 5.JPG

BEFORE: Historic ballroom featuring 1939 hardwood flooring, arched ceiling, four decorative glass panels from a local glass factory, and art deco microphone-inspired chandelier.


AFTER: Historic ballroom with newly refinished 1939 wood flooring and added carpet tiles, freshly painted cloud arched ceiling, and state-of-the-art projector system complete with two automated drop-down screens, four LCD flatscreens, serving counters, an added family restroom and storage space, and an added catering kitchen. 

Auditorium - Before - 2.JPG

BEFORE: Performance hall circa early 2000s.

Auditorium - Final - Main From Stage.jpg

AFTER: Performance hall circa post-restoration featuring new seating,  state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, and all new curtains. 

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