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Remember when? Enjoy these Robinson Grand memories submitted by community members. If you have memories you'd like to share, click here.



My greatest memory of the Robinson Grand Theatre was in 1989. I played Annie when the Clarksburg Creative Art Center was very active in bringing live productions to the area. I can remember being in the 5th grade and standing up on that stage with a sold-out audience for over 7 shows. I will never forget that experience and to this day I still have people remember and quote “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity and can’t wait to see the new theatre!

Amanda “ Rokisky” Romano

Warm Lights

Marquee with Technicolor Pictures

I remember the Robinson Grand being so elegant and magnificent. The outside marquee had technicolor pictures of the movie showing and the stars of the movie. The marquees were so tall and colossal on the front of the building. After you opened up the 2 sets of massive glass doors you had to walk up the slope of red carpet and up the steps to go to the main area to get into the theater. The ticket booth was on the right before the steps. Meanwhile you could go to the candy counter on the left smelling the aroma of popcorn popping and people lined up to get their candy for the movie. Movies cost 25 cents for kids. I remember paying $1.00 in the 60's to see a movie. I always loved to sit in the balcony. The restrooms were always decorated beautifully with lots of flowery decor in the room. You could actually sit in the room on love seats with mirrors and apply your lipstick while waiting for someone. The theater was magnificent. I saw plays, movies, the community concerts, and recitals there. It was a magical place for me growing up. I am so glad it is being resurrected.


Five Diamond

The Amazing Kreskin

When I was Mayor of Clarksburg, I was asked to assist with the performance of "The Amazing Kreskin" who was a regular guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was quite a guy and at the close of his show, he announced to the crowd that I would be giving his check to one of the audience members and he would guess the correct person or he wouldn't be paid for his performance. I gave his check to a person while he was in the dressing room. He came out and after walking around in the wrong area, he finally walked to the person who had the check. Several people asked me if I was in on the trick. Believe me, I was not and still do not know how he did it. Quite a fun memory!

Jim Hunt

Image by israel palacio

The Beatles

Way too many memories to share, but one that others will relate to: I remember seeing the movie, "Help" I didn't hear any of it, though because every young girl in the theatre was screaming at the top of her lungs! we stood through the entire movie like we were at a concert.

Jody A.


High atop the Robinson Grand

I moved to the "big city" of Clarksburg almost 40 years ago. My very first job was as a radio DJ at a big band radio station located "high atop the Robinson Grand". Made me feel like royalty every time I said that! To this very day, I still feel like that every time I pass the theater. Long live the Robinson Grand!

Tammera N

Smiling Grandma

Ramona Rose

I remember going and watching many shows by Ramona Rose.  My brother Timmy used to perform for her group.  I watched numerous movies growing up here.  Glad the place is reopening!

Dennis M.

Image by Brian McMahon

War of Worlds

I remember going to see War of Worlds.  I was around 12 and I was so scared that I had to go stand in the lobby for a few minutes.  I still remember sitting in the back row.

Sandra J.

Girl with Flowers

A Flower Girl's Memory

My most exciting memory at the Robinson Grand was being a flower girl at my aunt's wedding.  It was 1987 and I remember my hair and makeup being done and feeling all dolled up!


Pro Boxing Gloves

Fight Night at the Robinson Grand

I remember watching my first Muhammad Ali fight on the closed circuit heavyweight championships at the Robinson Grand


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